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KSG Mine Substation


The mine mobile substation meets the requirements of national standards and industrial standards such as GB12173-2008, GB1094.11-2007, GB/T10228-2008, JB/T3955-2006, GB4208-2008, etc. It's suitable for distribution equipments used in mine with no explosion dangers of methane, coal dust and so on. The mobile integrated equipment which is composed of transformer, high-voltage load switch, low-voltage feeder switch, cable connector, etc. can realize the power supply mode of terminal and ring network.


1. Combined with the special needs of mine, the mine mobile substation is made into "eye" type structure with independent high-voltage chamber, transformer chamber and low-voltage chamber.
2. Substation frame is welding shaping of fine quality section steel and cold-rolled steel plate so that higher mechanical strength is attained. Blasting process is applied on casing to remove surface rusting layer. Five-proof paint is sprayed on case body so that better corrosion resistance is attained.
3. High-voltage chamber is equipped with high voltage switchgear equipment. Small size vacuum load switch or solid insulated switch may be selected according to customer's requirement and with five-proof function. When some fuse is broken while current-limiting high-voltage fuse is applied, load switch will be separated automatically so that faults caused by missing phrase operation can be avoided. It will be more safe and reliable if high-voltage inlet and outlet cable is used with full insulated sleeve while solid insulated switch is chosen.
4. Dry-type or oil immersed transformer may be selected to install in transformer chamber so as to meet requirement of using under mine environment. Natural ventilation and auto-control forced ventilation device are applied to control inner temperature of case body effectively and ensure safe operation of equipments. Condensation-proof device may be installed inside the case body and casing protection grade can reach IP44.
5. Distribution scheme of multiple structures may be chosen in low-voltage chamber according to customer's requirement, it can be equipped with various functions of motive power, lighting, electric energy metering, etc.
High-voltage Unit
Rated Frequency Hz
Rated Voltage kV
6 、10
Maximum voltage kV
Rated Current A
Transfer Current A
Power Frequency Withstand Voltage (1min) kV
42、49(Isolation clearance)
Lightning Impulse Withstand Voltage kV
75、85(Isolation clearance)
Rated Short Time Withstand Current kA
Transformer Unit Rated Voltage kV
6 、10
Rated Capacity kVA
Tapping Range %
Linking Group  
Yyn0 、 Dyn11
Impedance Voltage %
Low-voltage Unit Rated Voltage V
Main Circuit Rated Current A
Branch Current A
Casing Protection Grade  
Noise Level dB


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