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MCT intelligent transformer

The series of products with international patent, dynamic reactive power compensation function on the basis of the function of transmission and power transformation.power saving effect is reliable.transform reactor and capacitor scientifically combined into an organic whole, to rech the dynamic componsation function and eliminating the power gird harmonic, and improved active power and saved electricity.

Convenient model selection: scientifically incorporate transformers, chokes, and capacitor compensation, saving power configuration, reaching greater system coordination.

 Achieving non-polar compensation: non-polar compensation is achieved in distribution network with the cooperation of MCT magnetron transformer and capacitor group

  Capacity can be adjusted continuously: MCT magnetron reactor capacity adjustment range can be adjusted quickly and continuously in the capacity range of 1%~100%

 Rapid response speed: Innovated fast magnetic reversal technology, greatly improved response speed, transition time of no-load and rated capacity is 20ms-60ms

 Reducing compensation switching impulse current: Providing adjustable reactive power with the cooperation of MCT magnetron transformers and capacitors group, system voltage can be accurately controlled.

 With comprehensive smart compensation adjustment module, it can smartly adjust reactance and capacitance configuration according to the change of network power factor to achieve power factor optimization.

Intelligent: The system is equipped with data acquisition and transmission function of high accuracy, and provide data support for distribution network automation and energy management platform.


Mainly to solve:

Long distance, heavy load contact load line problem

Reduce system network loss improve power supply quality

Traditional selection of complex

Save the project of load occupation

Engineering investment nervous


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