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Enterprise Culture

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Passion leads to progress and harmony brings about common interests.
Speed and passion derive from proficient operation.
Achieve recurring success in an excellent posture.
Human and nature coexist harmoniously.
Besides songs of the rapid wind,
Only each other’s heartbeats can be heard.
When achieving success, we enjoy the pleasure together.
Success belongs to both you and me.

Values in HAOCEN
Mobilize passions / Pursue excellence / Create harmony / Achieve win-win
Mobilize passions - innovate, dare to challenge, with enthusiasm, infectivity, young mind.
Pursue excellence - be willing to take risks, with courage and strength, spontaneity, create the possibility of development and rise to challenges, and contribute and pay unconditionally, objective, process and result are equally important.

Create harmony - communicate happily, promote solidarity and family culture, achieve the harmonious coexistence between customers’ needs and enterprise’s development.
Achieve win-win – establish the win-win and customer-centric relationships between colleagues, between employees, between departments, between the superior and subordinate, between the company and the society, competitors and suppliers, between long-term and current benefit, between profit, safety and environment protection, and between interests and happiness.


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