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Haocheng was established in 1998, 2006 strengthe shenyang economic and technology development zone, factory high-bright box-type convering stations manufacturing center, switch and switchgear manufacturing center, shell processing center, new product trial center, product testing center etc multiple functional units, specializing in the r&d, manufacture, sales, informationization, automation, engineering services in a new industrial cluster, is specialized is engaged in the box-type convering stations, dry transformer, electric power transformer, high/low pressure switch and switchgear r&d and manufacturing production enterprise, while haocheng through distribution system integrated solutions research promotion, greatly reduced the user of investment and operation cost, make distribution in the field of energy saving and emission reduction and cleaner to fully realized.
Haocheng since foundation ten years, implemented capital operation and industrial operation parallel strategy, product design producing and installing streamlined strategy, energy conservation and environmental protection one row strategy, and through the brands industry trend internationalization strategy, alliance created remarkable business performance and the huge social value, haocheng has become China's national flag of the power industry.
Haocheng its series products perfect operation in various areas, including power systems, power generation systems, wind power construction, aerospace, sailing ship, metallurgy, steel, coal, textile, petrochemical industry, real estate, medical treatment, pharmaceutical, mansion hotel, education colleges, food processing, municipal construction, government agencies, etc; True haocheng product of brand value, make haocheng brand reputation full throughout the country.
Since the 2003 registered as the UN registered vendors begin, haocheng constantly technology innovation, make multiple patent of invention, the independent intellectual property rights, and on the basis of pursuit in the international standard field recognition, through drain success serve overseas countries and areas of the precious experience, haocheng will further development overseas international market, promote quickly haocheng brands in the world market expansion and
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 精诚服务品牌建立于2006年,秉承了售后人“精于勤,诚于心”的服务理念。坚信精湛的服务技术源于专业和勤奋、真诚的服务态度来自责任与用心。而全面履行品牌的标准流程和承诺,从客户体验角度出发,进一步拔高服务品质。售后面积大、维修技师团队强悍、维修技术专业精湛、大客户业务涵盖公车业务、企事业位业务,出租类业务 、 驾校客户 用 车 业 务 、 租 赁 公 司 业 务 、 特 殊 认 可 类 客 户 业 务 。大 客 户 业 务 致 力 于 为 客 户 打 造 企 业 用 车 的 整 体 解 决 方 案 。 运 用 独 特 的 商 务 政 策 结 合 完 善 的 售 后 服 务 保 障 以 及 量 身 定 制 的 金 融 计 划 、 二 手 车 计 划 与 服 务 及 服 务 延 伸 , 充 分 整 合 各 类 资 源 为 客 户 打 造 行 业 独 特 及 完 善 的 机 动 性 系 统 解 决 方 案 , 全 面 满 足 政 府 公 用 车 、 企 业 客 户 、 驾 校 类 客 户 、 租 赁 出 租 类 客 户 及 特 殊 认 可 类 客 户 的 市 场 需 求 。 同 时 , 依 据 大 客 户 的 业 务 需 求 特 征 , 给 V I P 大 客 户 
Haocheng has been adhering to the "intentions light world" spirit of enterprise, humanity built family management system, and constantly analyze market economy development regularity and operation mode, which can satisfy the customers dynamic demand solutions, the realization enterprise between customers win-win, to create the customer satisfaction production management system, always for the customer, make continuous innovation in the national brand haocheng earth and global market spawning, in full bloom extraordinary splendour.
2010 haocheng introducing tsing capital and green secco shares a strategic investment in the future for haocheng SanWuNian deep development of injected new strength, the rapid development of China's success into capital market, will become haocheng history landmark significant breakthrough haocheng will take it as an opportunity to continue legend.
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